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OET Premium Provider

OET Exam Preparation

A general course to cover the basic requirements of the OET exam.  Guidance on how to approach the exam and suggestions for developing skills.

Speaking Skills

A course looking at how to perform well in the speaking test.  It includes:

  • how to manage the 3 minute preperation time

  • dealing with the tasks on the card

  • how to say what you want to say

Reading Skills

Focussing on the Reading Paper only, a short course which includes:

  • the skills needed for each paper

  • ways to expand vocabulary

  • reading speed

  • synonyms and paraphrasing

Writing Feedback

Feedback on a sample letter.

Comments given in relation to the criteria with suggestions for improvement.

Writing Skills

A course focussing on the writing paper and includes:

  • transforming the notes into full sentences

  • planning a letter well

Speaking Feedback

Do a role play and receive feedback based on the criteria.


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