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Pietra Language Support has been delivering online lessons since 2014 and teaching all ages and levels for a lot longer.

​Learning a language or developing existing skills takes time and dedication.  It's important to be realistic about your goal.  You need to think about your starting point (your current language level) and how long you have available to reach your goal.  Pietra Language Support will discuss these aspects with you to help you make your choice.

​This is a sample of the Teaching services that Pietra Language Support can offer.  Please use the contact form to get more information or to make arrangements to discuss your own needs.

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What is your Goal?

Writing feedback

Speaking feedback

If you have a specific language need, please use the contact form to see if Pietra Language Support can help you.

For example:  Cambridge Exam Suite (PET, FCE, CAE, Proficiency, BEC) and English for Academic Purposes.

Do you need feedback on writing?  For example, an exam essay or article.

Do you want to do a practice speaking exam and receive feedback?

Would you like help with your pronunciation?


OET Premium Provider

Are you a medical professional who needs to take the Occupational English Test (OET)?  Preparation classes are available for individuals and groups.  A minimum language level of C1 is needed for these courses.  Pietra Language Support also offers a PRE-OET course to help you gain grammar, vocabulary and language skills before starting exam preparation.


Hello, nice to meet you.

How are you doing?



Guten Tag?

Don't stay single, become bilingual

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