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Is severing an artery a severe injury?

I think clearly we know that cutting an artery is very serious so this is just to show you two words that are similar but not the same.

Sever is a verb and means that something is divided, either by slicing or cutting and it's often done by force.

He slipped while he was using the chainsaw and his finger was severed off.

Severe is an adjective and used to describe something that is very serious or bad and that could be causing pain or difficulty.

She was in severe pain as a result of breaking her hip.

So read the context and the complete sentence. You are probably more familiar with 'severe' as a word but read the whole sentence to make sure it is severe and not sever. Don't get confused with the verb forms of sever, which will add 'ed' in the past form or past participle.

She severed off her finger while using a knife.

The artery was severed and he was in a serious condition and losing a lot of blood.

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